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Main Shop & Office  : 97-97A, 1/F, Hunghom Square, 37-39 Matauwai Rd., Hunghom, Kln, HK SAR (Tel:  23659900); Fax: 27662200)
Digital Workshop      : G62, Hunghom Square, 37-39 Matauwai Rd., Hunghom, Kln, HK SAR (Tel.: 27662244)
Digital Studio           : A1-08, 5/F., Phase I, Hangfung Ind. Bldg, 2G, Hokyuen St., Hunghom, Kln, H K  (Effective since Jan28, 2006)
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Trading/OEM/ODM  商貿/代工
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Digital Photography 數碼攝影
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圖 庫
Image Bank 

All images or av clips in the image bank or av library are selected from the portfolio owned by Uncle Ming's Gallery which contains more than twenty thousands original photographs and thousands of av clipstaken or composed by our colleagues in the last thirty years. All rights are reserved. Most of the images are in jpg format of about 5 or 6 mega pixels and good  for 175 lpi offset printing up to A4 size or 600dpi inkjet printing up to A2 siz while the av clips are mov or mpeg files of 320x240 or above. The royalty for using the still images is HK$25 per  image per artwork except otherwise specified. From time to time, we will release some  of these images at lower resolution free of any charge to interested persons for non-commercial purpose. For details, please call 23659900 or 23349800

Newly  revised image library for easy searching and browsing is now available.Our technical knowhow in portfolio management and persistence in the creation of visual art in the last thirty years enable us to provide our customers thousands of stock images for the production of all kinds of artwork. More varieties will be available in the future.  All the catalogues can be freely downloaded and distributed , on condition that they are in their original format with all copyright notices and company seals intact.
Free Image Download Zone
- Images Licensed by Uncle Ming's Gallery -

This will link you to our free images download zone, where you can find images selected from our own image bank. It takes a lot of time for us to digitalize almost hundred thousands of our previous stock images on conventional film. Now we have more than twenty thousands digital images in our catalogue and we intend to release a certain proportion of them for free download. It is always our joy for sharing our vision and experience in photography and creative art with the public. Click the following smart icon to enter.
Catalogue of Image Library
(pdf format)

- Images Licensed by Uncle Ming's Gallery - (@HK$25/image/artwork )
The following are URLs to the corresponding catalogues of our stock images organized under specific topics. You need acrobat reader to view them. You may keep, link or distribute the catalogues freely for reference in their original format with all company seal and copyright notice intact as long as you like.  Even you don't need any of images for whatever purpose, the catalogues themselves might serve as a foto album for sharing our joy and experience in touring around the world

Animation Demonstration
In the era of internet, , there is no final frontier for your imaginationt, ........ Now people all over the world might be your audients and the cost is unbelievable low even you employ out source for the production of MM ads on internet
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Catalogue of AV Library
(Original Resolution: 320x240/640x480)
Nowadays, everybody can be a director or camera man. However, if you lack the time or idea, try our "ready to use" video clips. The current stock is just a beginning. More'll be added.
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  2. For viewing PDF catalogue, computer with 512MB on board and acrobat reader 7.x installed is preferable. If  still you cannot view them within your browser, right click your mouse on the URL and choose "save target link as" for downloading the file to your harddisk.
Legal Notice
To ensure the quality of our services, we have installed CCTV (AV)/Telephone monitoring & recording system  All the recording will be treated strictly confidential in accordance to our privacy policy. Click HERE  for details.
為確保一切交易履行準確無誤, 本公司已裝設閉路電視(影音)/電話監錄系統, 所有音像紀錄按本供司私隱政策保密處理,詳情請由"" 登入
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