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Framing as Art Creation 裝框藝術

Western Style Faming & Mounting

decoration/frame/assorted_frame1_web.jpg decoration/frame/assorted_frame2_web.jpg decoration/frame/assorted_frame3_web.jpg
decoration/frame/assorted_frame4_web.jpg decoration/frame/assorted_frame5_web.jpg decoration/frame/assorted_frame6_web.jpg

Samples of Custom Framing
decoration/frame/frame_sample02_web.jpg decoration/frame/P0002092_web.jpg cardboard frame
(Inside Content Provided by Customer) (Inside Content Provided by Customer) Aluminium Fram with Cardboard frame

Mounting for Brush Work in Chinese Style

decoration/frame/chin_paint_margin1_web.jpg decoration/frame/chin_paint_margin3_web.jpg decoration/frame/chin_paint_margin2_web.jpg

Frame Hanger and Accessories


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