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Knowledge itself is power.

- Sir Francis Bacon, of heresies

2.1.1  The following media of storage are acceptable for input or output services:
    3.5" 1.44MB floppy diskette; 5.5" 1.2MB floppy diskette; 250MB/100MB Zip; MO (up to 640MB); LS120; CD, Compact Flash; Smart Media, Memory Stick; Secure Digital Card; Multimedia Card;


    Both Mac OS and IBM PC (DOS, Windows, Windows 9x,  Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Windows XP) format are acceptable. For media used on other operations system such as Linux or Unix, the customer must convert them in a way which is compatible to the said OSs.

2.2.2 FILE FORMATS OF APPLICATION SOFTWARE LAYER: Fully Supported Native Formats: The native file formats created by the following software can be opened, viewed, edited, ripped or output to other devices (subject to change without prior notice; only vector/line art can be output to computer cutter or engraver):
    - Adobe Illustrator CS2 or lower;        - Adobe Photoshop 6.0 or lower,     
    - Adobe Pagemaker 6.5 or lower,         - Acrobat Distiller 4.0           
    - CorelDraw 11 or lower,                      
- Macromedia Freehand 9.0 or lower;  
    - MS Office xp or lower, Fully Supported Open File Formats: In addition to the native file formats as stated in, the following files generated by else software can be opened, viewed, edited, ripped or output to other devices (Only vector/line art can be output to computer cutter or engraver):
    - pixel base image files: eps, tif, bmp, pct, gif,  jpg (except for computer cutting/engraving)
    - vector/line art: wmf, emf, eps, svg
    - text file: doc (2000 or lower) , rtf, txt, sam, lwp, pdf
    - sound files: wav, mp3, ra, midi
    - movie files: avi, mpg 1/2/4, mov/QT (quicktime), wmv, wma File Formats of Limited Support: The following file formats can be imported by other software. They can only be viewed, ripped or output to other devices. Editing service is not available
- vector/line art: dxf or dwg , pdf (output configuration)
    - text file: doc, pdf
    - others: xls and ppt (created by office 2000 or higher version)
    - sound files: ra
    - movie files: swf (shockwave) Portability of files: Not all the files can keep their original visual features while crossing platforms. For those files which are not portable, no warranty is pledged for the integrity of output. If the customer wish to obtain an "identical" reproduction of the file he created on his/her desktop, he/she must convert them into portable files ready for output. The following file formats are portable:
    - most pixel base image files (preferably in CMYK mode): eps (without text content), tif, bmp, gif,  jpg
    - vector/line art without text content (i.e.  all character converted into path/curve): wmf, eps, ai, cdr, cmx, svg
    - text file: pdf
    Surcharge at current rate will be levied on the editing or retouching services rendered for preserving the visual features of output file(s) which is(are) not portable. Data Integrity of file(s) using OLE technology: Object Embedding is preferred for inserting an object(s) into a file for output. If  an object(s) is(are) linked to a file, the linked object(s) must be saved with the master file(s) in appropriate location and the naming syntax of the link objects must conforms to the ISO standard(i.e. compatible to most CD-R or the media format of storage in transit). Illegal characters on Mac OS or Windows OS may cause missing link even the link object is present because the file name is changed in the copying process. Faulty output due to missing link should be the responsibility of customer.
.2.2.6 Color Shift in Reproduction of Color Using CMYK Offset Printing:
           - Color Mode: All image files including linked or embedded objects must be stored in CMYK mode to ensure the accuracy in reproduction of color  because not all RGB or PMS colors are printable using the current printing technology.
          - Official Color Proof: Only conventional press proof is accepted as an official color proof in offset printing. All inkjet or laser printing, except those ripped by strictly calibrated software or hardware rip, can only serve as a proof of content.
          - Official Color Guide: In proofing the accuracy of CMYK color printing, only CMYK processing color guide published by reputable publisher such as "Pantones Processing Color Guide" should be used as an industrial standard of color reference.
          - Level of Toleration for Color Shifts: It is deemed that perfect reproduction of color is technically impossible. A reasonable level of toleration must be accepted by customers. Please refer to
Annex 3 for the possible color deviation in offset printing. Printing Specific Color Using Offset Printing:
          - Color Mode: All image files for offset printing in specific colors must be created in proper color mode with each  channel representing one specific color.
          - Official Color  Proof: same as
          - Official Color Guide: In proofing the accuracy of specific color printing, only relevant color guide published by reputable publisher such as "Pantones Color Formula Guide" should be used as a standard of color reference.
          - Level of Toleration for Color Shifts: same as Resolution  of Pixel Based Image: All pixel based images must meet the minimum standard for a certain output purpose. For detailed specification, refer to annex 5 of customer support.

2.3.1 Small File Transmission via Email Server: The overall size of every piece of message sent by e-mail via Internet must be less than 2MB or the limit set by the sender's ISP, whichever is lower.
2.3.2 Large File Transmission via FTP Server : For those files which size exceed the limit of email transmission. The customer may request in writing, by fax or by email for a temporary account on our FTP server and the logon information including server name, user name and a password valid in the next 24 hours will be sent to the customer by email. The customer must have an FTP client software installed on their computer. However, those files having a size over 100MB are temporary not recommended to be transmitted on internet. The customer must compress the file into zip or sit format before transmission.
2.3.3 Confirmation of Transmission: Transmission of data file must be followed by telephone call informing the delivery of output file via Internet. Double confirmation will be acknowledged to the sender while the  file(s) is(are) properly received. Proof reading must be carried out to ensure the integrity of data sent by e-mail via Internet.
2.3.4 File Format and Transmission Protocol: Before sending data or image files via internet, make sure that they are "internet ready" which means that they are compatible to the packet switching technology and transmission protocol on internet. In normal case, FTP (i.e. file transmission protocol) is more stable and reliable than HTTP (hyper text transmission protocol) especially for large files.

All the trade marks mentioned above belong to their respective owners.


What's New? 最新情報

Our Committment to Creativity 我們對創新的理念

av_clip/creation_icon.gifFor more than two decades,  we've been working hard to achieve the seamless fusion of  old with new, east with west  and art with science. Neither a clumsy mixture nor  a simple crossover can satisfy us.  We've never thought that we 've really made it.  Yet we've tried our best to approach it without regret.

In this approximately 36sec promotion  trailer in  mpg-1 file of 4.3MB,  we not only show our committment to creative industry (Quicktime needed)., but also demonstrate a low cost production of mutimedia ad on the internet is simple and possible. More samples are available. Just click and check. 

在20年的歲月裡,我們曾努力不 懈地嘗試,揉合現代和傳統、東方和西方、藝 術和科技,我們不敢奢言成功、或滿足於簡單 的混合、以至笨拙的結合,但卻無悔追 尋這36秒的動畫, 表達我們對創作的理念, 也展示低成本創作之可能. 網頁內有更多我們的創作樣本.

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