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  1. All the products in this album are genuine and displayed as samples to show the specification only. Some of them may contain logos, trademarks or company name of our customer. In such case, they are not offered for sale and the logos, trademarks or company name belong to their respective owner.  If there is a price, it serves as reference for the production cost but does not imply that they are available for sale.
  2. Some of the items are patented products. Imitation of them may infringe the interest of their patent holder and subject to legal prosecution.
  3. For the protection of our customers' interest and privacy, all the photographs are downsized or partly covered They must be put on the web at least 6 months after the job completed or after the official release date of the products to be photographed.
  4.  Please read all relevant notices which URLs are provided below before placing orders
  5. Click on the following smart icon means that you agree to the aforesaid terms and conditions

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Brass plate etching or laser engraving on fibre plate service is also available. Click the left smart icon for more information.
常設銅片蝕刻或激光纖維片彫刻服務, 可點擊左面智慧圖示登入蝕刻專頁獲知詳情
etching and engraving

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