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反電腦病毒及垃 圾電郵聲明
Anti-virus and Anti-spam Notice

  1. It is always our principle that never sending unsolicited fax, email or phone call to the public since our establishment. Any person or organisation being interested in our business may visit our company or website at his own will and convenience.
  2. The prevailing architecture of internet does not secure the validity of personal identity on the net. If our identity is found being stolen for sending spam or spreading virus, please directly report the issue to the relevant authorities, eg. HKCERT in Hong Kong. Advanced computer user may copy the header of the email and forward it to the  authorities for their reference. By referring to the message ID and server address, it might be possible to trace the real sender.
  3. To minimize the hardware and software requirement for browsing our web site, we avoid the abuse of  3D or animation effect and  scripting language in creating our web-pages. Advanced computer users may disable the function of scripting language so as to reduce the chance of virus infection.
  4. All active URL links in our web-pages are displayed as is. Visitors may right click the mouse on the link and view the properties of it to validate the IP address. 

Ref.: 05/Doc/legal/antivirus_notice