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business world營 生乏術,又豈能奢談理想, 何妨先登入有關我們商業服務的網頁, 看看我們的業務.

Without business, we won't be able to keep the web going. For more information about our business services, click the above links to visit our web pages.

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The law of universe always supplements the deficiency by reducing the  excess 
while the law of human always favours the affluent but harms  the poor .
天之道, 損有餘而益不足, 人之道, 損不足而益有餘.

- Lao-tzu 老子 (A chinese philosopher in Spring and Autumn Period)
Energy spontaneously tends to flow only from being concentrated in one place
 to becoming diffused or dispersed and spread out.
(The entropy of the universe tends to a maximu)

- The 2nd law of thermo dynamics 熱力學第二定律

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自設圖庫數碼圖 像免費下載
Free Download of Images from Our Image Bank

This will link you to our free images download zone, where you can find images selected from our own image bank. It takes a lot of time for us to digitalize almost hundred thousands of our previous stock images on conventional film. Now we have more than twenty thousands digital images in our catalogue and we release the lower resolution copies of all images for free download under our "um freeimages licence". It is always our joy for sharing our vision and experience in photography and creative art with the public. Click the following smart icon to enter.

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um bloggers在心為志,發言為詩, 原來古人心聲所至, 自然成詩, 即所謂出於天籟是也, ..... 不平則鳴, 文窮後工, 千古不易之理. 雖然網上之言, 難免有遊戲虛假嘻笑怒罵成份, 惟有關大是大非者, 本網誌眾博客, 皆深明何謂大節不逾矩之理,既有所為亦有所不為.....
Our blog has proved to be an effective platform for our members to air their views and even grievances. Click the following link to see how they feel and think.

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